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Baseball Player Welcome to MyScorePAD
MyScorePAD allows you to manage (as the team administrator) or just follow along with your favorite team. ScorePAD software is not necessary to get started.

Take it to the next level
Coupled with ScorePAD scoring software for the desktop or iPhone/iPod Touch you can get the most out of MyScorePAD. Not only will you be able to post statistics, boxscores and scorecards but you can also use ScorePAD GameCAST.

  • Using your handheld device (including new ScorePAD for iPhone/iPod Touch) or desktop software, sending game box scores, score sheets, team and player statistics to your team site (ScorePAD software required)
  • Post team logos, photos and team information
  • Post schedules and results
  • Track and view games live as they are being scored with ScorePAD GameCAST (ScorePAD software required)
  • Download rosters directly from MyScorePAD into your handheld or PC
  • Post the latest team announcements, handouts, coaches profiles and other new items
  • View batting and pitching statistics, box scores, score cards and play-by-plays

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Bill Cottingham "The thing I like most about ScorePAD, and the reason I believe ScorePAD is better than the others, is that it's the most COMPLETE scoring software. Meaning it handles more game situations correctly than all the rest. I use ScorePAD because it is the 'cleanest' scoring solution around."
Community Forums

Community Forums

Join ScorePAD's Community Forums group and post thoughts, questions and suggestions. Share ideas and develop a rapport with other like-minded users.

Add MLBStats for only $59.95
(1-year subscription)

MLBStats and ScorePAD together is the greatest thing to happen for Major League Baseball scorers since the invention of the scorecard! MLBStats provides professional rosters and statistics (including Spring Training) for all 30 teams updated daily.
iPhone ipod Touch Scoring

iPhone/iPod Touch Scoring

ScorePAD's iPhone/iPod Touch edition is the premier and most complete baseball/softball scoring application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Whether you enjoy scoring youth league, high school, college or professional games, ScorePAD makes scoring fun and easy.
Live Game Cast

Live GameCast (coming soon)

Follow the game live, pitch-by-pitch. Parents, relatives and friends from all over the globe can follow along by viewing the Live ScorePAD GameCAST feature. My ScorePAD is the only hosting site providing this benefit.